Lean Eating program registration opens today

As some of you may know I am a coach with Precision Nutrition’s Lean Eating program. We’re about to kick off another 6-month course, and registration opens today. If you are interested in working with me as part of a group coaching program, I encourage you to sign up, and be quick about it, because the program sells out fast.

The LE program is an excellent program that provides you with a comprehensive base of knowledge and skills in the areas of nutrition and exercise, plus extensive support in the form of other coaching group members, and a coach — me.

If you’ve been frustrated by falling off the wagon in the past, this is an amazing option. It truly is life-changing. People don’t believe that their life will change when they sign up, but it’s true! The person you will be after 6 months of this program is not the person you were when you started. You will have the tools and information to make major improvements in your health, athletic performance, and body composition for the rest of your life.

The best part is that top finalists win big money, and really all you have to do to win it is just work hard. You don’t have to be special or gifted; just do what we tell you. Now that’s a damn good deal, I’d say.

BTW I don’t get a cut of sales or anything. (If only!) I mention this because I think it’s a great, well-thought-out program (if I didn’t think so, I wouldn’t be working with them) and I’d like some of the little Stumpamaniacs to benefit.