Lean Eating and Love in the Trenches

Esteemed Stumpfans, you may be wondering what the hell I’ve been doing with myself over the last few months. Well, I’ve been hard at work on a few projects with Precision Nutrition, including a “next level” to our existing coaching certification program, continuing to make Lean Eating as amazing as possible, and generally turning peoples lives into pure melted awesome.

Don’t believe me? Fine. Check out some of our women’s profiles from Lean Eating, including a story from one of my very own coaching ducklings, Meegan: Love in the Trenches. I bet you’d like your partner to take a knee in the mud to propose! Jealous much?! :)

Ladies / women / grrls / people of female-identified gender: Lean Eating works. We change lives. We believe in what we do.

Dudes: Stay tuned for the guys’ stories.

People of indeterminate and/or multiple genders / people who think that gender is simply an oppressive capitalist construct: OK, we don’t have any of your stories yet, but I promise we can improve your lives too.

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