Exercise doesn’t work redux

John Berardi’s treatment of the now-infamous Time article on the purported uselessness of exercise can be found here. Contains the phrases “shit-ton” and “eat it”. You can see why we get along so well. JB’s take on it is interesting, because he’s actually done some of the foundational research behind the “exercise ain’t no good nohow” hysteria (as opposed to being some bitter dude who hates his exercise program and possibly, based on his description, his entire physical existence).

And stay tuned — check the PN blog tomorrow because Helen Kollias will be busting out the science that compares caloric restriction without exercise to caloric restriction with exercise. The results may surprise you. Well, probably not YOU as Stumptuous readers. But act surprised when you whip this one out to slap your smug non-exercising colleagues.

BTW confidential to body/exercise-hating dude: If you hate the gym so much, go find something fun, dumbass! This is like complaining because your head is constantly sore when you whack it with a hammer. Are salsa dancing classes, Ultimate Frisbee teams, or rock climbing that hard to come by in your neighbourhood?