US Grappling Submission-Only tournament

I competed this weekend at US Grappling’s submission-only tournament, taking a gold medal in my weight division and in the women’s advanced absolute division. Highlight video:


Well, there’s a fair bit of stuff to talk about. First of all, those who delight in physical humour will love this story. During my very first rep of medicine ball smashes for my conditioning circuit last night, I chose my medicine ball poorly and gave myself a fat lip when the ball bounced up […]

My awesome new job

A couple of weekends ago, Mistress Krista and I visited John Berardi and Amanda Graydon at Precision Nutrition HQ. If you get this group of people together, three things are bound to happen: We will eat. We will train. We will talk about eating and training. I got to work out with my boss and […]


I competed in the Copa Ontario tournament this past Saturday and took gold. I won my first match by armbar against Lindsay, one of Omar’s blue belts, in 26 seconds, beating my previous “fastest submission” record by 12 seconds: …and my second match (also by armbar) against my friend Nicole in about 1:50. I hate […]

The Eh Team: Up Close and Personal

John came into town today to speak at an event, and Geoff met us at Bang Fitness so we could train together. I saw John bust out some pretty impressive lifts, and Geoff spent his time helping another of John’s athletes learn to love his serratus anterior. That’s Geoff on your left (yes, in a […]

I don’t know.

First, a shout out to some grappling girls I’m very fond of! The Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship was this past weekend in California. My online and real-life friends Jen W, Jen F, Addie, Hillary, Lisa, Rachel and Val competed and tool home medals. I hear the divisions were HUGE this year – blue belt lightweight had […]

Changing your life

I’m wrapping up a “moderate” training and nutrition week with a refeed day (high carb – about 45% of my intake), some sprints and MECCA‘s competition class. I feel pretty good about what I’ve accomplished over the last three weeks: Geoff says he’s pleased with my lifts (did I mention I benched 135 for three […]


I spent the afternoon at Body Blitz falling asleep in the body-temperature water and then came home and made sundubu, which my roommate declared to be “really fuckin’ good”. It WAS very tasty…. Weighed in at 151.4. Less than 20 lbs to go.

On eating

There are other countries, such as Italy and France, that decide their dinner questions on the basis of such quaint and unscientific criteria as pleasure and tradition, eat all manner of “unhealthy” foods, and, lo and behold, wind up actually healthier and happier in their eating than [North Americans]. We show our surprise at this […]