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The Fat Loss Prescription with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky is a well known health and fitness presence online as well as a medical doctor who specializes in treating chronic diseases with nutrition and exercise where possible. He focuses on compassionate and client-centered care — using the best practices of change psychology to help guide, rather than push, his patients towards leading better and healthier lives.

The non-jock’s guide to jocks

You don’t have to be scared of jocks and gyms just because you were a spaz in third grade. Don’t let your childhood trauma or stereotypical assumptions hold you back from being active.

How are you showing up to your life? Nia Shanks and I find out.

My conversation with Nia Shanks about my presentation at the 2015 Women’s Fitness Summit. Topics covered include: How are you showing up to your life? Can you “have it all”? Why should you focus on making your life bigger? What does it mean to be healthy at a deep level? What is “deep health” and how can I get it?

Keeping it real