Trainer, 71, is inspiration to clients. And me.

January 30th, 2009  |  Published in Stumpblog  |  4 Comments


Gad DAMN. This woman is stunning and amazing. Started exercising at age 56. Wow.



  1. Maria says:

    February 12th, 2009at 4:01 pm(#)

    Aging has never looked so good!!! She is an example to all of us.

  2. Cheri Najor says:

    December 21st, 2009at 12:13 pm(#)


  3. sarah says:

    November 5th, 2010at 6:14 pm(#)

    I’m interested in reading this story, but the link provided no longer works. Does anyone have the name of this woman?

  4. Mistress Krista says:

    November 6th, 2010at 5:58 am(#)

    @sarah: Google “Ernestine Shepherd”.

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