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March 31st, 2009  |  Published in OMGBFFA's blog  |  5 Comments

Don't I look scary? Grr!

John came into town today to speak at an event, and Geoff met us at Bang Fitness so we could train together. I saw John bust out some pretty impressive lifts, and Geoff spent his time helping another of John’s athletes learn to love his serratus anterior.

That’s Geoff on your left (yes, in a Mario Bros t-shirt), John in the middle and me on the right. Oh, and Geoff’s expert profile went up on the Precision Nutrition site today. Go read it and you will see why I adore the man.

Tonight I spent a bunch of time rolling, plus got a tune up from Mark on my passing. I’m feeling really good about my game – I’m so much stronger and more athletic than I was at the Worlds, and a far more evolved technical grappler. It’ll be nice to fight this weekend – I just hope I get a match. If there is nobody in my division then I’ll fight up a weight class or two… or up an experience class if they’ll let me. I’ll have to be at my most charming with Mark and Felicia….

I start my fast right now and go until 10pm tomorrow night with just water, BCAAs, fish oil and Greens+. In this last cycle, the morning after the fast was where I saw the most precipitous drop in weight. I’m 153 right now, down from a high of 156 due to water retention that could only come from three straight days of eating salt right out of the container. Not that I’d know anything about that. Anyway, I expect to be 149 or so on Thursday morning, which is about where I need to be to weigh in at 152 this weekend.


  1. HalcyonNwar says:

    April 1st, 2009at 7:16 am(#)

    You look great! I love the hair- i had a great time with pink hair one summer. Good luck with the fast- I am envious of your fast/persistent fat loss!

  2. Helen says:

    April 2nd, 2009at 5:33 am(#)

    Hi fitter fit
    I know you are being purposefully vague about your diet/wo plan, but can you say something more about the fasting? I thought John/Precision Nutrition were not pro-IF? thanks!

  3. OMGBFFA says:

    April 2nd, 2009at 6:20 pm(#)

    I think John supports anything that works. :) I haven’t asked him about the point of the fasting day–I’ll try to remember to do that on Sunday–but it’s part of this second cycle, too, so there must be a reason for it.

    Have you read Ryan’s article on IF?

    One thing I notice about JB’s comments in that article is that he talks about how improving the rest of the diet could be even more important than IF. That’s probably good advice for the people who are still eating processed foods and other stuff that’s not so great. :) Given that I’m firmly in the PN Level 3 realm, maybe the idea is that fasting gives me an extra bump?

  4. Helen says:

    April 6th, 2009at 12:53 pm(#)

    I’d LOVE to read that article but $97usd seems a high price to pay for it. Are you allowed to let us read it somehow? : )

    (Way to go at the tournament – what’s “in the gi” mean? )

  5. OMGBFFA says:

    April 7th, 2009at 8:34 am(#)

    Nope, there’s a lot of user-only content on PN. It’s one way we give people extra value for buying the system, and how we create a high quality community of people who are committed to it.

    The gi is the uniform that I’m wearing. Since you’re allowed to grab the uniform, use it to control and submit people, etc., it’s a different kind of competition than no-gi, which means that you’re usually wearing shorts and a t-shirt or rashguard. You’re not allowed to use the clothes in any way, so no-gi competition is usually faster paced and more athletic, whereas gi competition is slower.

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