Physical activity intensity and breast cancer risk

March 5th, 2009  |  Published in Stumpblog  |  1 Comment

It’s fairly well accepted that regular physical activity appears to lower breast cancer risk. Recent findings suggest that there is also an association between the difficulty of the exercise and the risk — tougher, or longer-lasting moderate, exercise, appears to reduce the risk better.

Once again, research concludes: butch up.

Kruk, Joanna. 2009. Intensity of lifetime physical activity and breast cancer risk among Polish women. Journal of Sports Sciences. 27(5):437-445.

Partial abstract: Research findings are inconsistent regarding the type, duration, intensity, and frequency of activities that are necessary to reduce the risk, as well as dependence on menopausal status. To address these issues, I examined the effect of physical activity on breast cancer risk among 858 Polish invasive breast cancer cases and 1085 controls… [F]indings show that a risk reduction can be achieved by vigorous-intensity activities or by longer-lasting activities of moderate-intensity.


  1. Scott says:

    March 9th, 2009at 3:07 pm(#)

    We’ve got the basic tools we need to exercise everyday like our lives depend on it – which the ever expanding mound of evidence supports. We are healthier when we regularly exert ourselves as hunters/gatherers would, and eat like our food is too precious or scarce to waste on gluttony.

    Eat less, and eat what looks like food (wrapped, in a box, carried in a grocery sack?). Run everyday like you’ve got something to catch. Bend and lift and stretch like your life depends on bending, lifting and stretching.

    And if you can find a way to do these things and have fun too?! Well – your wealth isn’t counted in dollars.


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