OMGBFFA beats ass – the movie

April 17th, 2010  |  Published in Stumpblog  |  3 Comments

If you’ve been following my rants and the occasional blog post you’ll know that OMGBFFA and I started grappling together a few years ago. She’s way better than me, and continues to kick serious ass — she represented Canada at the international grappling championships with barely two years of training under her now-purple belt. She’s just produced a highlight video that shows some of her best moments. She’s hoping the video will help to get her some athletic sponsorship, and part of this will be based on the vid’s popularity.

So go and check it out! There are some sweet armbars in it!


  1. Amanda Thebe says:

    April 17th, 2010at 7:34 pm(#)


  2. Bess Doyle says:

    April 22nd, 2010at 6:09 pm(#)

    Beats the crap out of every fake-ass martial arts flick out there!

  3. Ms .45 says:

    April 23rd, 2010at 5:15 am(#)

    Excellent choice of music!

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