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September 11th, 2010  |  Published in Stumpblog  |  1 Comment

Theresa Ruth Howard’s My Body, My Image blog:

“…wanted to create a place where we can discuss the body the way we do with our girlfriends on the telephone, with our mothers and sisters over the kitchen table, with our partner and lovers in the dressing rooms of clothing stores and with ourselves in our heads! (Sometimes it’s the best conversation you can get). I wanted to create a place where women and men alike can realize that they are not alone in their feelings of confusion (as to where they fit or what to be) or frustration (at not being at all what they truly want to be). I wanted for all us to have that collective “somebody” to say, “You’re all right?” – “It’s ok” – “I know” or sometimes “Shut up – and eat that cake!” Because sometimes what you have – ain’t what you want – but it’s better than nothing, so, we have to learn how to accept and appreciate what we do have because we are all fabulous by design- and fabulous starts in the mind!!”


  1. Michael says:

    January 30th, 2011at 5:48 pm(#)

    I am surprised by the lack of comments on this post from Sept of 2010! It seems like most of us got here due to some body image noise. Then we reasoned, thought, tried and failed, only to learn to accept our bodies the way they are. I’m trying to do more than accept, but to really love my body. Everything works great; I’m strong, fit, fast and that’s enough. (Even if some part of it didn’t work great, it’s nevertheless an amazing, miraculous piece of machinery). See Krista, that’s what I love about your site: besides being SO funny, you showcase REAL, attractive / hot women, and the topics that concern us all regarding health and fitness.

    I am a 38 year old guy that was a supplement addict for many years due to my naive belief that women wanted bodybuilders. Over the years, I have come to realize that distorted bodies based in insecurity is not what any woman of substance wants, but would rather have a fit, secure guy with intellectual fortitude, clean breath and fingernails before he touches her! I hold hope that us guys want the same thing in a woman. One more thing on body image: A person who feels great in their own body is the MOST attractive of all. Try it! OK, let me be honest, I am attracted to all of that, but I love when a feminine shaped woman comes into the gym and lifts big with the rest of us. There, I said it!

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