Lean Eating August 2010 finalists!

May 18th, 2011  |  Published in Stumpblog  |  2 Comments

At long last, here are the finalists from the last round of Lean Eating.

I am so proud of all my Lean Eating Coaching ducklings who made the finalist list (and all the rest, too — because how can a momma duck choose her favourite?)!! Check out the amazing transformations in women of all ages and sizes.

Oh yeah, and the dudes made some changes too!


  1. Sharon says:

    May 23rd, 2011at 5:54 am(#)

    When will the winners be announced?

  2. Mistress Krista says:

    May 23rd, 2011at 5:58 am(#)

    I’m not sure, but I’ll definitely keep you posted!

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