Bodybuilding Professors Outmuscle the Stereotype

October 16th, 2009  |  Published in Stumpblog  |  2 Comments

As an assistant professor of philosophy at Washington and Lee University and a professional bodybuilder, Melina Bell is used to people judging her body of work—and her body.

Guess which form of scrutiny gives her the sweats.

“When I’m standing up there all tanned and flexed, I am free of anxiety,” she says. “It’s when I’m presenting a paper that I start to feel exposed.”

Yeah, somehow excruciating physical effort STILL sucks less than a university job interview.

Full article, with photos and interviews with heavyweights Anne Bolin, Leslie Heywood, and Jan Todd


  1. Terry Gibbs says:

    October 20th, 2009at 8:19 pm(#)

    Hmmmmmm…. Plato abs, well that would have been when he was wrestling at the Isthmian Games.

    He also may have been one of the first weight trainers, used to wear armour when beach running as he thought his upper body was getting out of balance…

    and unfortunately I will go with Bodybuilding as a “circus act” rather than a sport….

    weights great, but modern bodybuilding, maybe beyond help

  2. Robert says:

    October 22nd, 2009at 4:45 pm(#)

    To be a geek is to love too completely something outside of the norm. Some geeks obsess over technology, some over food, some over a given sliver of academia, some over pop culture, some over physical culture. You could probably take a third of fitness geeks and drop them into a Sci Fi convention or similar and find that their areas of obsession overlapped.

    I’m not surprised when I run into bodybuilding professors (Hi, Krista!); I’m surprised when I run into people who claim to find pollygeeks surprising.

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