Best kettlebell lifter in the US?

March 31st, 2010  |  Published in Stumpblog  |  3 Comments

From, a brief profile on Lorna Kleidman, who “burst on the scene in 2007 at the IGSF Worlds where she became the first American (female or male) to be internationally recognized with the International Master of Sport ranking in kettlebell sport. Since then, she has competed with great success overseas, becoming World Champion in both her age group and open category.” Lorna’s also written Body Sculpting with Kettlebells for Women.

Check out the videos! She eats a 20 kg (44 lb) bell for breakfast and follows it up with a KB biathlon. Also notice how healthy and strong she looks. Just one more of the zillion reasons to lift heavy weights, ladies.


  1. Ron Dykstra says:

    March 31st, 2010at 12:00 pm(#)

    Very impressive! I was wondering last Saturday during a kettlebell class at Bang about all the explosive movements that are integrated in the class. It seems wrong to expect an athlete to explode again and again in a weighted jump, or snatch or whatever, and yet the videos of Lorna are a total example of it being possible.

    Interesting that she gets about 13 c&j in her first minute, and keeps that up for the next five minutes before switching sides at 55 reps.

    Wow, that is really humbling actually. 20kg bell, eh? Nice.

  2. Stephanie Vincent says:

    March 31st, 2010at 1:46 pm(#)

    she makes it look like its effortless!

  3. Simma says:

    April 1st, 2010at 10:44 am(#)

    The clips are impressive. I’ve been working up to a using a 45 lb kettlebell in my workouts, and that mother is heavy.

    I’m ambivalent about her book. It’s the perennial dilemma for me:

    On the one hand, it triggers one of my pet peeves when I see people reinforcing the idea that the reason women should train is so that their asses will look better.

    On the other hand, I realize I should maybe be happy with whatever marketing approach gets more of us strength training. After all, vanity is a potent motivator. Sadly, it’s unrealistic to expect most women to pick up a barbell or kettlebell purely because it will eventually make them mad strong.

    And, you know, just because I develop a tic every time I hear words like “sculpted” and “toned” doesn’t mean I am in any way morally superior to women whose primary desire is to be those things.

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